Borderland Beat: Message: Residents of La Mira to Papa Smurf

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Borderland Beat: Message: Residents of La Mira to Papa Smurf
13 May 2014 ... You deceived and betrayed the people Papa Smurf, you armed your circus .... ... or lived in the U.S.A. Whether it be Pitufo, los Viagras, commandante 5, ...

Papa Pitufo Los Viagras En Sale

What a shame and you morons taking side but dont even live in mexico and have no clue was is going on. He returns to his house, he needs to rest a little. He climbs into his new armored pickup that he bought on credit.

Ill go pick it up and eat it right now, he says, laughing, without losing his sense of humor. The michoacan state district court judge in that resides in the city of morelia has just granted him an amparo (protective court order). When they were asked why they did this, they would tell me, because i dont have any money to buy tortillas, boss.

When i got to guagua, some comunitarios stopped us so they could come with us. People in the us read us newspapers which is not based on information from stomping the beat, talking to the people. He goes on with his narrative just then they tell us pitufo is coming down through the mountain and hes got 100 pickups, 36 michoacan ministerial (police), and pickup trucks belonging to the federal judicial police and the mexican army.

I bought my red pickup in 2004, i bought the black one in 2012 and the war started in 2013. If we werent afraid of those that were hurting us, were going to be even less afraid of the governments who may come to persecute us. Si lo kieren pero en barbacoa, pinche asesino culero all of these narco fuckeheads are a bunch off greedy ass lazy putos, and need to be exterminated! Cant say we all didnt see this coming.

I cant prove it , but unfortunately all i have been saying for 14 months, from what people who were there tell me, has come true, like (what i said about) chucho reyna, who is now in jail, and some municipal presidents who are in jail, and some senators and representatives who we have not exhibited yet, but were going after them. For several reasons, because i didnt make the proposal by myself, i have the support of javier sicilia, isabel miranda de wallace, the priest alejandro solalinde, jaime garcia el bronco, ruffo, general gallardo, martha, mario, mexicali, baja california norte, quintana roo and oaxaca, i have the support of many people. Translated by yaqui for borderland beat from el sol de tijuana       the pep seized approximately 229 pieces of the marine species in.

Here in tepalcatepec, the money comes from all the people in the city. Mireles began to put together pieces of the puzzle when i received the call for help, i naively still wanted to place barricades in la mira and playa azul to protect my friends, who were in arteaga, for when we entered lazaro cardenas together. Lc is part of, to a defensa rural headed by a man whose last name happens to be beltran. Well, unless youre going to talk about the guns that suddenly disappear from proof positive that we should do everything we can to hang on to our rights and avoid this sort of disintegration. As long as they dont do their job 100, we will continue to do it ourselves.

Interview with an Autodefensa: "We Are Not Going to Surrender our ...

19 May 2014 ... Papa Pitufo asked the Marines to protect us because the people from .... Do you think that Papa Pitufo, Los Viagras and Cinco have already sold out ..... the BATFE needs to keep track of all sales of more than two long guns n ...

Papa Pitufo Los Viagras En Sale

An error occurred. - Borderland Beat -
11 May 2014 ... Those, Los Viagras, El Cinco and Papa Smurf are the bastards who are ...... From that moment on, Estanislao Beltran, "Papa Pitufo", a lemon grower ...... as a settling of scores between groups engaged in retail drug sales .
Papa Pitufo Los Viagras En Sale 17 Sep 2017. The people quickly gathered around in the place and he (mireles) led his people in a search of the places that neighbors identified as belonging to people who worked for the templarios. This compayito made reference, during his interrogation, to how he desired to kill a. I read somewhere that 34 communities still support mireles and did not have a vote to remove him as spokesperson and see images of papa smurf flooding news and social media. Since then we have had a steady and consistent flow of drugs into the us with only token undercover work. Well, the ads never arrived in morelia, but maybe thats why morelia has become the murder capital of the state number 2 in population in michoacn is uruapan, where in the last week six members of the self-defense forces have been murdered by the members of the new cartel created by the federal government. This scares the leftist s here in the us , Ad. I was immediately sent the foto to see for myself. I already registered it so i can talk about it now. the BATFE needs to keep track of all sales of more than two long guns n . He gets down from his pickup, walks to the crates of mangoes, where one of his helpers offers him a mango that has been cut up into pieces.
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    I bought my red pickup in 2004, i bought the black one in 2012 and the war started in 2013. Thepeople are afraid ever since the day of the operation, in which a psychosis wascreated, no one knows who to care for whats going to happen to the people whoshared their problems in the square? Now that thematch is lit dont leave us on our own, because our life is in danger as of now. I dont want them to come for me and take me away tied up and cut me to pieces somewhere out there. The only response weve gotten is what castillo is doing, retaliation. And all those who were objecting, they didnt say one more word.

    Despite the death threats, the harassment, the pressure, and the use against him of media sources close to the governments power, dr, mireles issues the first warning while there remain healthy people in the movement, so long as we have healthy, clean towns, as long as we have general coordinators that only want is to keep the state of michoacan free of crime, the autodefensas movement will continue to exist. They are with him out of conviction, nobody pays them a salary. A surgeon, graduate of michoacans san nicolas hidalgo university, mireles is 55 years old and previously held several posts in the pri. I told them no way, dont get me involved in your crooked deals. Its in retaliation for the things im telling pena nieto we want to talk with you, because your representatives have already been bought, theyre somewhere else.

    The people quickly gathered around in the place and he (mireles) led his people in a search of the places that neighbors identified as belonging to people who worked for the templarios. Like the so called trophy photo, and the bogus story. No way dont get me involved in their deals, dont get me involved in their stupid messes. I cant open my mouth right, my teeth are loose, both upper and lower, its all broken. He declares that he always in the lead during attacks i was the one who led the uprising in aguililla, at el aguaje, tancitaro, at la huacana and churumuco, in nuevo urecho and tingambato and also in tumbiscatio when we went to arteaga. I gotta say when it wasnt popular some of us readers called out papa smurf & americano! Im sure dr mirales had his reasons on why he chose to defend them, but from the outside looking in we could just see from body language and their actions that those guys would one day turn on him! Letting ex cartel members was a huge mistake. At that time, you couldnt go through apatzingan, nueva italia or paracuaro. Their example should warm our souls as to what will happen here and then we will be able to win our government back also. Im not talking about his staff, but to the people who have the darkest backgrounds in michoacan. This scares the leftist s here in the us , as it is a conservative movement of rebellion not a left leaning revolution , that is why we do not see the msm here covering even a small visage of what is going on in mexico , all that the boobama administration is pushing is that the batfe needs to keep track of all sales of more than two long guns n the border states , like these firearms will really end up in mexico , now batfe wants to expand this requirement to the rest of the states , but this would be batfe making law , not congress , unconstitutional to begin with.

    17 Sep 2017 ... Papá Pitufo ¿integrante del cartel los Viagras? ... viagra online, buy, cheap, generic, order, real, best place, safest, usa, for sale, purchase, pills, ...

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    Viagra Price In Nepal Iphone Discount ... Tentativi Mirati Con Clomid For Sale Buy Now. Bravo lartiste, cest vraiment ... El Papa Pitufo Y Los Viagra En Caleta ...
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